Cloud for business

Discover our secure cloud computing solutions and migrate your company to the cloud.

Enterprise-level IT infrastructure

We use best-of-breed solutions, including HPE servers and VMware virtualization, as well as build hybrid clouds together with Equinix.

Cloud tailored to your needs

At MAIN, we offer every type of cloud a business might need - from private environments to direct, high-speed connections to public clouds.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Private cloud on a dedicated, separate physical infrastructure. Perfect solution for highly regulated industries. It provides a high level of control over the environment - the creation of virtual servers and dynamic allocation of resources.

Learn more about Dedicated Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud

Cloud on shared infrastructure, with VMware vCloud virtualization. It combines the advantages of private and public cloud - reliability of operation, data security and resource scalability. Unlike public clouds, we do not charge for incoming and outgoing traffic.

Hybrid Cloud

Environment consisting of clouds from different providers, uniform in terms of the way data is processed and moved, e.g. virtual machines, systems or applications. Ideal for Disaster Recovery solutions that guarantee business continuity.

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Multi Cloud

Environment consisting of multiple clouds. Offers direct, high-speed connections to public cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google. Allows you to take advantage of all available clouds. An excellent choice for companies that operate internationally.

What clients say about our cloud

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“Our mission is to increase the efficiency of production companies. We help them create a competitive advantage based on new technologies.

MAIN private cloud supports us in achieving this goal, guaranteeing stability, efficiency and, above all, the security of our systems for production companies who choose the DSR 4FACTORY offer.

We are at peace knowing that we use top-class cloud solutions.”

Piotr Rojek
President, DSR S.A.

  • Daily backup of all virtual machines using Veeam software
  • Monitoring of physical HPE machines through Zabbix systems
  • Provided solutions for building environments in the high availability architecture (HA)

“Reliability and timeliness in service implementation, as well as due diligence in service provision, make this provider a reliable business partner.

InteliWISE S.A. recommends MAIN as a proven provider of IT infrastructure in the IaaS model.”

Bartłomiej Błuś
IT&CC Services Director

  • Implementation of Private Cloud environment in IaaS model
  • Cloud meeting the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • Virtualization and orchestration through VMware vCloud

Considering cloud migration?

Considering cloud migration?

Considering cloud migration?

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Wondering if cloud computing is the right solution for you? Let's talk about the needs of your business - I will advise you on how best to take advantage of the cloud.

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Cloud migration process

Find out how we move companies to cloud.

1. Audit

We conduct an audit and together determine which resources need to be migrated and which solutions are the best choice. We take into account your entire current infrastructure.

We do not always migrate everything, because sometimes a hybrid option is the best - some resources remain on local servers, and some are moved to the cloud. At this stage, we also look for possible improvements, such as increasing system performance.

2. Proposal

We present the type and scope of service that best meets the needs of your organization. We specify the SLA (a minimum of 99% is recommended) and the so-called exit plan, i.e. the timeframe and actions to be taken by both parties in the event of service cancellation. We also establish whether your team needs to be trained on how to use the new environment.

When you decide on implementation, you are aware of the implementation plan, the benefits of the final environment design, as well as the pricing of such a solution.

3. Implementation

In this phase, we execute the established plan. MAIN's engineering team carries out the work in a way that eliminates the negative effects of switching environments or possible unavailability. At the same time we adjust the plans to avoid downtime or reduce it to a minimum.

The final switch to cloud resources can often be done in 1-3 minutes and coordinated with regular technical breaks. Finally, we conduct testing of the migrated infrastructure.

4. Maintenance

During this stage, you verify whether the performance and functionality agreed on in the proposal have been delivered.

Depending on the previously made decisions, maintenance of the environment can be performed by your team, by the MAIN team, or both. These activities are divided into:

Virtualization layer administration - creating security clusters, policies, updating hardware and software, creating new virtual machines, optimizing the provisioning of new resources;
Physical layer administration - e.g. firmware and software updates, configuration and maintenance of the infrastructure;

Backup - performing backups according to a set schedule, verifying them and testing backup restoration;
Monitoring - MAIN team can monitor physical hosts, disk arrays as well as virtual machines and operating systems in terms of resource utilization and availability;
Network layer administration - e.g. changes in network policies (Firewall), configuration of load balancers.

From this moment on you also decide on further adaptation of the cloud to your company's needs. We provide advice and assistance at every step - at your disposal are business, technical and project managers.

We ensure business continuity

Using our own Data Centers in Warsaw, as well as Veeam and VMware software, we offer a wide range of Disaster Recovery Center services. They are designed to quickly recover your critical systems and applications in the event of an unplanned outage or permanent data loss.
We use leading data protection technologies to customize Disaster Recovery solutions according to your needs and requirements.


How can I purchase the service?

To purchase the service, contact us: by phone - +48 22 339 18 98 (from 8 am to 5 pm), by email - [email protected], or via the contact form on the website: dedicated-private-cloud.
You can consult us before placing an order. If you already know the technical parameters you need, we will provide a cloud with such specification. We can also advise which parameters will best suit your business needs.

How long does it take to launch the service?

The launch time depends on the size, complexity, and technological sophistication of the cloud environment. For example, the minimum time to implement a Private Cloud environment is 1 business day.

Where is MAIN cloud located?

MAIN's cloud services are based on the physical server and network infrastructure of our Data Center facilities in Warsaw.

How will I be able to access my data?

As a client, you always have unlimited access to all the data in your cloud in MAIN. This can be done in several ways. You can connect via the VMware vCloud console (provided by us) directly to the machine - all you need is a web browser. The second option is VPN access directly to the environment (SSH, RDP, VNC and other protocols). As a client, you can also copy data to disks by connecting to physical machines directly in our Data Center.

We also offer hybrid access, in which we manage the entire environment, but grant you or designated users administration rights for selected parts of it. We can also provide monitoring and backup services.

Interested in cloud for business?

We'll advise you on how to move your business to the cloud. We also migrate resources from other Data Centers.
Write to us and you we'll answer within 4 hours (Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm).

Michał Kaczorowski

Michał Kaczorowski
Solution Architect