Many clouds, one infrastructure
— MAIN Hybrid Cloud

MAIN Hybrid Cloud allows you to create an environment consisting of clouds from multiple providers, which is uniform in the way it processes and transfers data, such as virtual machines, systems or applications.

Enterprise cloud for your business

We use best-of-breed solutions, including HPE servers, VMware virtualization and Equinix Fabric direct connections.

The pillars of our Hybrid Cloud

MAIN Hybrid Cloud is based on private cloud in our Data Centers and our partnership with Equinix, providing direct connections to public clouds worldwide, including AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle and Alibaba.

Benefits of hybrid cloud

Today, cloud technologies are creating plenty of opportunities, so hybrid cloud can serve many different purposes.

Among the most popular are:

Scaling main environment

In the event of, for example, seasonal spikes in traffic or power demand, additional resources can be run in a second cloud (cloudbursting).

Provisioning international services

Polish clients can connect to the application in your private on-premise cloud or in MAIN, and the highest availability abroad will be guaranteed by public cloud.

Development and testing

Production environment is located in the MAIN cloud, where we do not charge for incoming and outgoing traffic, and scalable public cloud is used, for example for testing during software development.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

In the event of a failure or other unplanned event, the system or application automatically starts up in a second, mirrored environment in a secondary location - the DRC in MAIN or Equinix.

Any questions about hybrid cloud?

Any questions about hybrid cloud?

Any questions about hybrid cloud?

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MAIN Hybrid Cloud configurations

There are various definitions of hybrid cloud. According to some, such a service must include public cloud, others say that it's enough to have two private clouds. Thanks to the technologies we use we can provide hybrid cloud in any model. For example:

1. On-premise (client) environment + additional resources in MAIN Cloud,
Internet (VPN) or dedicated connection

2. Private cloud in MAIN + additional resources in MAIN Cloud located in Equinix Data Center WA3,
encrypted DWDM connection

3. Private cloud in MAIN + private, direct connection to public cloud(s), e.g. Azure,
as a part of Equinix Fabric network

4. Any combination of the models above,
e.g. on-premise cloud + private cloud in MAIN + private, direct connection with public clouds

The power of direct connections

As an Equinix partner we offer access to Equinix Fabric™ – a software-defined global high-speed direct connect network. It allows you to connect your own infrastructure to that of any other company in the network.

What is Equinix Fabric™?

  • Connection to thousands of service providers in the world’s largest IT infrastructure ecosystem
  • Fast and easy connection of physical and virtual infrastructurej 
  • Access to global markets thanks to presence in over 50 metropolitan areas
  • Higher service performance through private, low-latency connections running on a custom-built Layer 2 (data link) network
  • Bypassing the public Internet, meaning less security risks
  • Connection through self-service portal or API

More information:

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“Locating our systems in an external data center resulted in increased performance, and consequently, more comfortable working environment for MullenLowe Poland team.

MAIN has also taken responsibility for our data and its security, allowing us to focus on the core aspects of our business.”

Robert Winiarski
CEO MullenLowe MediaHub

  • Dedicated IaaS environment based on HPE and IBM solutions
  • Security guaranteed by the use of VPN and Veeam backup
  • High Availability architecture

“Locating our systems in the MAIN infrastructure has guaranteed not only the highest level of data security, but also, for example, greater stability of operation with simultaneous cost optimization.

We also value MAIN’s partnership approach, based on being open to our needs and a perfect understanding of the sector in which we operate.”

Maciej Witkowski
CEO Turbine Analytics S.A.

  • More stable operation of systems and applications – especially important for a company whose clients are financial institutions
  • Increased security of stored and processed data
  • HA and resistance to single point failures in the entire environment

A partnership approach at every stage of cooperation

We support companies in overcoming barriers they encounter with regards to data processing, such as low efficiency or high infrastructure costs.

You have a guarantee that the price of the environment you have chosen will not change. The price may only increase in the case of increasing selected parameters, e.g. adding more physical machines or increasing the network capacity.

We guarantee


The power of our experience is based on the complexity of the challenges we have encountered.


We base each cooperation on mutual respect and openness. We always prepare an exit plan for clients.


A dedicated technical supervisor, project manager and a team of specialists are there to assist you.

Intrested in Hybrid Cloud?

We advise on how to move your business to the cloud and how to build hybrid and multicloud environments. We also migrate resources from other data centers.

Write to us, we'll answer in four hours (Mon-Fri, 8 am - 4 pm).

Michał Kaczorowski
Solution Architect