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Enterprise cloud for your business

We use best-of-breed solutions, including HPE servers, VMware virtualization and Equinix Fabric direct connections.

Dedicated virtual environment
compatible with your company's needs

Full personalization

We thoroughly understand your company's needs at a given moment and tailor the solution entirely to your business.

Scalable solutions

First, we select the optimal hardware platform and develop it as the needs grow. Increasing your resources is possible even within a few hours.

Powered by VMware

MAIN Private Cloud based on VMware vCenter is one of the most technologically advanced IaaS offering.

Data security

Thanks to the use of the newest technological solutions, we provide our clients with the highest level of safety and efficiency on the market.

Gain competitive advantage with our technology

The Private Cloud at MAIN is a dedicated virtual environment, separate hosts and disk resources in the form of a matrix, with the ability to create virtual servers on your own infrastructure and dynamically allocate resources to them.

Our private cloud is based on VMware vCenter – the most advanced cloud management platform. This allows us to guarantee our clients the highest level of security and performance as well as easy scalability (e.g. adding additional computing resources or disk space).

Case Study
— Infrastructure as a Service for the fintech industry

“When providing services to financial institutions, we must meet stringent requirements, among others in the field of data security or the availability of applications itself.

Locating our systems in the MAIN infrastructure has guaranteed not only the highest level of data security, but also, for example, greater stability of operation with simultaneous cost optimization.

We also value MAIN’s partnership approach, based on being open to our needs and a perfect understanding of the sector in which we operate.”

Maciej Witkowski
CEO, Turbine Analytics S.A.

  • More stable operation of systems and applications – especially important for a company whose clients are financial institutions.
  • Increased security of stored and processed data.
  • HA and resistance to single point failures in the entire environment.

A partnership approach at every stage of cooperation

We support companies in overcoming barriers they encounter with regards to data processing, such as low efficiency or high infrastructure costs.

You have a guarantee that the price of the environment you have chosen will not change. The price may only increase in the case of increasing selected parameters, e.g. adding more physical machines or increasing the network capacity.

We guarantee


The power of our experience is based on the complexity of the challenges we have encountered.


We base each cooperation on mutual respect and openness. We always prepare an exit plan for clients.


A dedicated technical supervisor, project manager and a team of specialists are there to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase the service?

To purchase the service, contact us: by phone - +48 22 339 18 98 (from 8 am to 5 pm), by email - [email protected], or via the contact form on the website: dedicated-private-cloud.
You can consult us before placing an order. If you already know the technical parameters you need, we will provide a cloud with such specification. We can also advise which parameters will best suit your business needs.

How long does it take to start the service?

The launch time depends on the size, complexity, and technological sophistication of the cloud environment. The minimum time to implement a Private Cloud is 1 business day.

Where is MAIN Private Cloud located?

MAIN Private Cloud is located in the physical server and network infrastructure of our certified (ISO 27001 and 9001), fully redundant Data Center at ul. Giełdowa 7/9 in Warsaw. We also have a second, backup location in Warsaw, which can be used, among others, for Disaster Recovery Center services.

What technologies does the cloud use?

Physical hosts and arrays/matrices - HPE and Dell; switches - Cisco; routers - Fortinet; virtualization - VMware vCenter; configuration management - Ansible, Terraform, Chef, GitLab; backups - Veeam; infrastructure and service monitoring - Zabbix and Grafana.

How will I be able to access my data?

As our client, you always have unlimited access to all data stored in your private cloud. This can be done in several ways. You can connect via the VMware vCloud console (provided by us) directly to the machine - all you need is a web browser. The second option is VPN access directly to the environment (SSH, RDP, VNC and other protocols). As a client, you can also copy data to disks by connecting to physical machines directly in our Data Center.

How will I be able to manage my environment?

You get access to your account in the virtualization tool used in MAIN - VMware vCenter. You decide (before signing the or during our cooperation) which scope you use. It can be Read-Only access, which enables monitoring and auditing of the environment, with direct access to machines via the vCenter console – then we create machines and networks, manage them or allocate resources. You can also have full administrative access.
We also offer hybrid access, in which we manage the entire Private Cloud environment, but grant you or selected entities the administration of a selected part of it. We can also provide monitoring and backup services if you wish.

Does the service have technical support?

We provide full technical support - from the operation of physical equipment, through configuration of the environment, to the management of systems and software installed on it. Basic monitoring covers physical hardware, including hosts and the network, and the availability of virtual machines.
For example, if the client allows us to have administrative access to virtual machines, if we detect the unavailability of one of them, we intervene by analyzing the problem and attempting to fix it, as well as immediately contacting the client (if we do not have such access - we immediately inform the client about machine unavailability).

Does MAIN have its own administration team?

Yes, all technical persons responsible for Cloud products are MAIN employees. They are engineers for physical hardware, disk arrays and networks, experts in VMware products, administrators and architects of Linux and Windows systems and other Microsoft products (including SQL Server, NAV and AD), database administrators - PostgreSQL, MySql, NoSQl (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis). We also have competences in the administration and configuration of WWW servers (Apache, Nginx), proxy (HAProxy, Squid) and software (Java, PHP, Python).

What is the SLA of the service?

The SLA for all MAIN Cloud services is at least 99%. The maximum repair time is: critical failures - 4 hours, normal failures - 8 hours, failures - 48 hours. The response time to submissions is in each case up to 1 hour.

How is the cloud secured?

We provide security on several levels. The building of our Data Center is protected and monitored and is characterized by redundancy, e.g. on the level of power supply, network and air conditioning.
The Private Cloud services use a dedicated physical environment (hosts and network), which means that your machines will be physically separated from the machines of other clients.
We constantly monitor the availability of physical hosts, the network, and the availability of virtual machines. We also offer additional services, such as backup, Disaster Recovery Center (in another Data Center), anti-virus, WAF, Intrusion Prevention/Detection System and Anti-DDoS.
On request, we can also connect the infrastructure to a dedicated physical network device (router, firewall), so that you can use additional functionalities, such as more types of VPN or advanced network configuration.

Is MAIN Private Cloud GDPR-compliant?

Yes, we apply the provisions of the GDPR. In addition, we meet the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standards (sale and provision of telecommunications services, including data transmission and Cloud services) and PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2017-06 (information security management, also in the field of data transmission and Cloud services).

Does the Private Cloud feature backuping options?

Yes. First of all, our Private Cloud is characterized by the reliability of the physical environment. It has been designed according to High Availability approach, in a cluster, which means that if one server goes down, the other one takes over.
At the virtual machine level - using Veeam Enterprise backup tools - it is possible to restore the state of each virtual machine from the last 30 days. At the client's request, we can freely adjust the number and frequency of backups.
At your request, we can also take a snapshot (machine state dump) and restore it at any time. It is also possible to save the configuration state with Ansible and restore it at the designated moment.
We also offer Disaster Recovery Center services in the same location (MAIN Data Center) or in another (Equinix data center in Warsaw). This can be a full 1:1 replication of the environment, or a replication of a selected part of the infrastructure (e.g. the minimal environment needed to maintain strategic or critical business processes of the client, through the product matrix). DRC replication takes place in real time.

Can I expand my cloud?

Yes. Scaling of virtual environments takes place within the physical capabilities of the hosts (CPU, RAM and disk). When these are over - the environment can be extended with more physical hosts. You can also increase the parameters of internet services or a dedicated link.

Does MAIN Private Cloud support containerization?

Yes, it does. All activities related to containerization are the responsibility of the client. We are currently working on the implementation and support of RedHat OpenShift containerization, thanks to which the client will receive a ready platform with optional support in administration.

Can the price increase during the term of the contract?

No, it can't. We guarantee that the price of the environment you have chosen will not change. The price may only change in the case of increasing selected parameters, e.g. adding more physical machines or increasing the network capacity.

Do you charge for data transfer?

No, we do not charge separately for inbound and outbound traffic.

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