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We created MAIN Partner Community for system integrators, IT experts and IT companies specializing in software, hardware, consulting, implementation and training.

Become one of our Partners and let’s create reliable IT environments together.

What does Partner Community offer?

Access to the newest technologies

You gain access to our portfolio of Private Cloud and Multicloud services, as well as to the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions from global leaders: Microsoft, Equinix, HPE, CISCO, IBM, VMware, Hitachi.

Training with experts

We're committed to providing as much training as your team needs to fully familiarize themselves with MAIN. Additionally, you gain (complimentary) access to reports, magazines, product presentations, and comprehensive support from MAIN's specialists.

Additional, flexible revenue

You earn revenue from MAIN's infrastructure and services for the duration of the customer contract and increase the stable cash flow in your business. Acquiring new clients becomes much easier when you cooperate with companies similar to yours.

Networking among IT market leaders

You're joining a community of experts and IT market leaders. The opportunity to participate in exceptional industry conferences gives you the chance to gain useful knowledge and skills, as well as share your knowledge and experience.

MAIN Partner Community is a win-win model. We create a joint, complementary offer with your company to achieve more together and bring innovation to the IT world.

“At MAIN, you and your company’s goals are our benchmark for quality. Every day we strive to improve solutions and empower companies to reach the next level.

Thank you for being with us.”

Paweł Prasuła President

Your company's needs are key

“We've joined MAIN Partner Community because our services are complementary. MAIN is making use of our competencies to offer their clients comprehensive services in the area of databases and business intelligence. And we offer MAIN Data Center's infrastructure when we carry out projects dealing with data”.

Wojciech Wencel
CEO Summ-it

“Our joint activities in the NexusCloud, where MAIN Data Center provides a highly efficient environment based on cloud solutions and Nexus provides Voice, Video and Contact Center solutions is the answer to market needs”.

Piotr Synowski
Sales Support Manager NexusTelecom

“By joining MAIN Partner Community we hope to use our partners' network potential; at the same time, we believe that we can help other MAIN partners in the area of cybersecurity, to secure their business processes and their clients”.

Przemysław Kucharzewski
Vicepresident Cypherdog Security Inc.

How to become our partner

1. Tell us about yourself

First, we want to get to know your company as best we can. It’s important that each step of our cooperation is clear and brings as many benefits as possible for us and your company. Write to us, and we’ll start the first step – classification.

2. We create a joint value proposition

It’s essential for MAIN Partner Community to bring value to you and your clients. To this aim, we create a joint value proposition based on the framework created by The Rectangles UX studio.

Download UCDC

3. We introduce you and your Team as MAIN partner

We base each cooperation on mutual respect and openness. Once we’ve set our joint goals, we sign the Partner Contract – transparency is crucial. After welcoming you to the community of MAIN partners, we start with training for you and your team so that you can fully benefit from the offer we’ve created together.

4. You benefit from our long-term cooperation

Contact network, IT industry training, marketing activities led by MAIN together with partners, and joint projects based on value proposition – these are just a few benefits of being a MAIN partner.

We’re waiting for you!

Any questions about MAIN Partner Community?

Any questions about MAIN Partner Community?

Any questions about MAIN Partner Community?

Book a free consultation

During our conversation, we'll be able to learn about and address your needs regarding partnership with MAIN, as well as answer any questions you might have.

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Find out more about our partners

Whether you work in an IT company or you're an independent IT expert, you can develop your expertise, win more clients and increase your revenue together with us.

Check our projects

“When providing services to financial institutions, we must meet stringent requirements, among others in the field of data security or the availability of applications itself. Locating our systems in the MAIN infrastructure has guaranteed not only the highest level of data security, but also, for example, greater stability of operation with simultaneous cost optimization. We also value MAIN’s partnership approach, based on being open to our needs and a perfect understanding of the sector in which we operate.”.

Maciej Witkowski
CEO, Turbine Analytics S.A.

  • More stable operation of systems and applications – especially important for a company whose recipients are financial institutions.
  • Increased security of stored and processed data.
  • Raising HA and resistance to single point failures in the entire environment.

“Our mission is to increase the efficiency of production companies. We help them create a competitive advantage based on new technologies.

MAIN private cloud supports us in achieving this goal, guaranteeing stability, efficiency and, above all, the security of our systems for production companies who choose the DSR 4FACTORY offer. We are at peace knowing that we use top-class cloud solutions“.

Piotr Rojek
Chairman, DSR S.A.

  • Daily backup of all virtual machines using Veeam software
  • Monitoring of physical HPE machines through Zabbix systems
  • Provided solutions for building environments in the high availability architecture (HA)

“Reliability and timeliness in service implementation, as well as due diligence in service provision, make this provider a reliable business partner.

InteliWISE S.A. recommends MAIN as a proven provider of IT infrastructure in the IaaS model“.

Bartłomiej Błuś
IT&CC Services Director, InteliWISE S.A.

  • Implementation of Private Cloud environment in IaaS model
  • Cloud meeting the requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • Virtualization and orchestration through VMware vCloud


Does being a MAIN partner cost anything?

Taking part in the MAIN partner program is free of charge.

How can I join?

To join MAIN Partner Community you need to fill in the application form below and pass the assesment of the potential for cooperation.

What kind of training do you provide?

We guarantee every MAIN partner product training and continuous support from a MAIN contact. Depending on your needs we can also offer individual workshops and training.

Do I have to pay for training and webinars?

Product training and webinars for memebers of MAIN Partner Community are free of charge.

What is the joint value proposition?

It's crucial that MAIN Partner Community brings value to you and your clients. To this end, we create a joint value proposition, for example, a description of a solution combining a few products or services from the partner and MAIN.

At the beginning of the cooperation and with each of our partners, we fill in the UCDC (User Centered Design Canvas) document. This methodology, based on a workshop model, was created by UX studio The Rectangles. It allows us to get to know you, discover which aims your organization can reach with MAIN, and, as a result, create a joint Unique Value Proposition.

What kind of marketing support can I receive?

Information about your company (name, logo, description and downloadable materials) will be placed on the Partner Community page ( We announce every new partner on our social media channels (Facebook and LinkedIn). We also provide you with marketing materials.

How much will I earn as MAIN partner?

Your commission is proportional to the value of the project you've won. There's no upper limit for your revenue.

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