SD-WAN network

Improve the quality of connections between branch offices while reducing data transfer costs.

Who can benefit from SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (Software-defined Wide Area Network) is a new approach to the implementation of corporate networks. It allows companies to become independent from data transmission mechanisms in the network, as well as introduce new functions and improvements by moving the entire logic to edge devices.

This solution can be implemented by any organization wanting to improve traffic administration between branches and reduce costs at the same time. Access to any Internet connection in a branch is enough.

SD-WAN is also an answer to distributed work, which became a norm during the COVID-19 pandemic. SD-WAN makes it easier for network administrators to create and manage connections (e.g., for employees working remotely) and eliminates differences in connection quality in various locations.

Discover the benefits of SD-WAN

Transmission quality

QoS parameters configuration per application, error correction, and monitoring of connections to ensure their highest quality.

Visibility and monitoring

Complete visibility of traffic transmitted on edge devices, application recognition (e.g., YouTube, Office 365), statistics, and bandwidth usage.

Cost optimization

An opportunity to exchange expensive MPLS for cost-effective Internet, with active use of backup connections. More intuitive technology equals lower maintenance costs.

Connection flexibility

Use of any connection from providers available at the location (Internet, LTE, MPLS, etc.) allows for quick start-up and migration of branches.

SD-WAN pioneers in Europe

“The collaboration with MAIN Interconnection has an engineering and consulting dimension.

At the analysis stage, when we were comparing SD-WAN solutions and selecting a vendor, and also during implementation and configuration.

Our cooperation yields excellent results, gives us a fresh perspective on the market and technologies – we notice the benefits in every project”.

Robert Kucharczyk
CIO, Inter Cars

  • Network standardization eliminating differences in connection quality from different locations
  • More efficient traffic management between branch offices with simultaneous cost reduction
  • Ease of creating and managing connections for employees working remotely


MAIN, a private cloud provider, supports digital transformation and offers access to state-of-the-art technologies. Our Data Center provides native support for SD-WAN. We offer the possibility of implementing this technology in your company to connect your branch offices and Data Center into a next-generation corporate network with effective access to cloud services (private, public, and SaaS).

Flexible scope of the service

  • Complete visibility into network health monitoring
  • Possibility of self-configuration, with support from MAIN engineers
  • Configuration design and maintenance by MAIN
  • NOC Team services – proactive monitoring of connections, reporting and handling failures
  • Network creation for new branches
  • Upgrade of static TPSec tunnels
  • Migration from MPLS and other solutions

Possible implementation scenarios

Depending on your current network solutions and your company's goals, we can implement SD-WAN using one of the three following methods:


Launching new branches on SD-WAN. Old and new connections can exist in parallel, and communicate with one another.


To launch a next-generation enterprise network we make a seamless transition from old WAN solutions, based on static IPSec tunnels to SD-WAN.


Transition from other enterprise solutions, such as MPLS, to benefit from SD-WAN, as well as reduce costs and maintain high quality.

SD-WAN in 4 steps

Find out more about our SD-WAN implementation process

1. Audit

The aim of this stage is to understand the client and tailor the proposal to their needs. During the discussion with the client, our engineers ask questions necessary to establish:
- Client's needs, including characteristics of branch operations, applications used, and issues encountered;
- Scale and structure of the network: the number and size of locations, bandwidth, information about the Data Centre, types of connections used.

2. Proposal

After a thorough understanding of your needs, we provide a detailed proposal for a solution. It includes network architecture design, configuration design, benefits discussion, pricing, and implementation plan proposal.

3. Implementation

We schedule the installation of edge devices (VMware SD-WAN Edge™) at the sites. They act as routers and replace current devices.
- With built-in Wi-Fi and a switch, they can serve as an all-in-one network device for small branch offices.
- SD-WAN does not require any software to be installed - the only requirement is an internet connection of your choice.

4. Maintenance

Depending on the client's decision, maintenance activities can be performed by the client, the MAIN team, or shared by both parties. The main categories of activities are:
- Configuration - such as creating policies for network traffic (e.g., prioritizing business applications, limiting traffic for non-business ones), designing network architecture or its reconfiguration;
- Monitoring - supervision over connections, detecting failures and reporting them to operators, responding to incidents reported by users, checking saturation and utilization of connections.

Quality guaranteed by VMware

When we were introducing the service to our offer, we chose to base it on the SD-WAN solution from VMware – leader of the 2018-2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge report.

  • VMware SD-WAN Edge™ is an Enterprise-class zero-touch appliance that guarantees secure, optimized connectivity to private, public, and hybrid environments, as well as compute and virtualized services.
  • VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator™ – provides centralized installation, configuration, and real-time monitoring across the organization, as well as coordination of data flows across the cloud network.

Compare solutions

Why is SD-WAN better and more cost-effective than traditional solutions?

Static IPSec tunnelsMPLSSD-WAN
Transmission qualityNo guaranteeGuarantee (from infrastructure)Guarantee (from implemented mechanisms)
Bandwidth / capacityLarger / cheaperSmaller / more expensiveLarger / cheaper
Business applications recognition and dedicated traffic policiesNoNoYes
SaaS supportNoNoYes
Ease of managementLowMediumHigh
Total network costLowHighMedium

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Piotr Sadurski
Network Architect