About MAIN

Although we specialize in the latest technologies, the main strength of our organization are and always will be people.

We focus on long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and flexibility because we know that by working together everything is possible.

Through the clouds to the stars

Customers have always been at the center of our attention. Thanks to them, since 2016 we have been developing MAIN by bringing a new quality of cloud solutions to the Polish market.


Everything Is Possible, so we founded...

"Everything Is Possible" is the motto guiding the EIP Group founder, Paweł Prasuła. It's an approach that sees challenges and obstacles as opportunities for business development.

When the need arose among the EIP group's customers for IT infrastructure services, Paweł saw this as an opportunity and decided to found MAIN. This allows the EIP Group to meet the expectations of its customers even better.


...data center in the center of Warsaw.

An own data center was a natural extension of the services offered by EIP. The choice fell on a building on Giełdowa Street in the center of Warsaw. This is how the first physical premises and the heart of MAIN came into being, which was soon joined by two more data centers.

With our own data centers we have full control over processes and data security, as well as the confidence that we deliver the highest quality services to our customers.

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We grow with our customers....

Flexibility and partnership - it is these values that are central to MAIN. Our development has been dictated by customer needs from the outset.

We started from cloud services and are gradually expanding our offering to include more solutions. Since 2017, we have been supporting our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


...also with those outside the EIP Group.

We are proud of the quality of the services we offer and of our values and culture. This is why we decided to spread them beyond the EIP Group as well.

Between 2018 and 2019 there started to be a lot of buzz about MAIN. Our customer portfolio began to grow with even more companies focusing on quality and partnership.


People matter the most...

A growing customer base has entailed team development. We build our team of certified engineers on the basis of respect and sincerity, as well as complementary competencies. We are committed to enabling our employees to grow and fulfill themselves, and our community is united by camaraderie, mutual support and shared responsibility.

MAIN is not just about customers and employees, however. We believe in corporate responsibility and have been involved in social, environmental and charitable projects from the beginning.


...which is why we develop our Partner Community.

The partner program has been an integral part of MAIN from the beginning. It is a natural extension of our philosophy and emphasis on relationships and collaboration. In 2020, we decided to scale it up.

The MAIN Partner Community is a community created for technology integrators, IT experts and IT service providers. As part of the program, Partners get access to technology, training and IT networking.

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We have joined forces with Equinix...

Through our partnership with Equinix, we provide comprehensive migration solutions to guarantee uninterrupted business operations.

This partnership guarantees us a another top, world-class DC and even more agile hybrid and multicloud solutions.

More about hybrid cloud


...and created MAIN Interconnection.

As a result of joining forces with another EIP Group entity, Telsar, we created MAIN Interconnection.

MAIN Interconnection provides first-class IT security and networking solutions, such as security audits and SD-WAN deployments and support.


We ensure business continuity...

We carried out further challenging projects based on the primary and secondary Data Center.

Services such as hybrid cloud and Disaster Recovery guarantee our customers the highest possible level of business continuity.

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...and expand our service catalogue.

We have also expanded the range of services offered, building on the experience we have gained and the competence of the team, for example in container environments.

We have also designed solutions aimed at sectors such as manufacturing, e-commerce or medicine, taking into account their specific characteristics as well as technical, business and legal requirements.

Solutions for industries

...what's next for MAIN? We will be where customers need us.

A data center without people is just a building.

It is the team and its members that constitute the MAIN. Together, we define our work culture, which is characterised by transparency in communication, courage in taking on challenges, and mutual trust and kindness. These are not empty words, but values embedded in the DNA of our company.


What matters in particular are trust based on the truth about where we are and the direction we are going. Without the right team, it is impossible to create an agile organisation, even with the latest technology.

Paweł Prasuła President

Meet the team

Our team consists of qualified specialists and engineers who share our values and approach to work. In addition to our passion for the latest technology, we also share friendship and mutual support.

Technical Team Leaders

We lead teams of experienced engineers, ensuring the continuous operation of our solutions. We handle project implementation and management, as well as the design of new services.

Michał Kaczorowski, Head of Infrastructure

Wojciech Lewandowski, Head of Cloud Engineering & Operations

Maciej Bartkowski, Head of Security Department

Robert Kucharczyk, Business Development Director Cloud Services

Project Managers

We manage projects, overseeing complex implementations of IT environments and supporting their operation. As project-assigned managers, we work closely with clients to ensure the highest quality of our services.

Agnieszka Wójcik, Project Manager

Piotr Zdunek, Project Manager

Bartłomiej Wiśniewski, Project Manager

Partner Community

We are responsible for building and coordinating a community of IT professionals and integrators based on collaboration, mutual support and networking. We believe that together we can achieve much more.

Adrianna Jabłońska, Partner Account Manager

Sales & Presales

We build relationships with potential partners and customers based on honesty and mutual respect. We educate on cloud solutions, and make you aware of the many benefits of working with MAIN.

Mariusz Petrykowski, Head of Presales & Billing

Damian Ćwik, Business Development Manager

Marketing, PR & HR

We ensure that MAIN is heard about by the people and organizations that need our services. We are committed to openly communicating our values and creating a consistent brand image based on excellent experiences and customer and employee satisfaction.

Tomek Podgórski, Marketing Director

Ewa Jadczak, PR Director

Executive Team

We are involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization, as well as building business strategies and ensuring that MAIN develops in the right direction. We also aim to provide our partners and employees with an environment conducive to growth.

Paweł Prasuła, President

Marek Turek, Vicepresident

Grzegorz Łaziuk, Vicepresident

We are part of EIP Group

EIP - Everything is Possible. This motto guides our actions every day, so that we always find ways to turn difficult tasks and obstacles into opportunities.