MAIN launches infrastructure based on Ampere processors

MAIN launches infrastructure based on HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 servers equipped with Ampere® Altra® processors, featuring ARM technology. These solutions provide high performance and energy efficiency and help meet global ESG compliance requirements.

Since its inception, MAIN has been open to innovation.

Thanks to our cooperation with Ampere Computing and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we were able to be the first in Poland to test the new Ampere® Altra® processors and the HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 servers featuring them, shortly after they became available, as well as to design solutions based on them.

The servers are ideal for customers who offer digital services, media streaming, social media platforms, e-commerce, financial services, web services and those based on the cloud such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Marek Turek Vicepresident, MAIN

Ampere® Altra® processors were developed with the cloud-native approach in mind. This approach involves developing and running software directly in the cloud. The processors were built from the ground up to offer maximum performance and efficiency for cloud-specific workloads. The Altra® family ranges from 80 to 128 cores.

Ampere® Altra® processors natively support AI inference solutions – including through support of the TensorFlow, PyTorch and ONNX frameworks as well as the FP16 format which offers up to 2x the speed-up compared to FP32.


We not only support customers in the migration and ongoing maintenance of their environment, but also look for new technologies that will suit their business needs even better within the budgets they have.

Adam Markowski

Adam Markowski Head of Sales, MAIN

Want to test Ampere technology? As part of a free Proof of Concept, we will set up a virtual or containerised environment so that you can experience the advantages of this architecture.

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Key advantages of Ampere’s ARM-based infrastructure:

  • High performance and energy efficiency,
  • Up to 128 cores in 1 processor,
  • ESG (environmental, social responsibility, corporate governance) compliance,
  • Built with the cloud in mind,
  • Optimized for AI inference.

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