Disaster Recovery Center – business continuity for your IT systems

What is Disaster Recovery Center?

Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is a category of services dedicated to securing your data and IT systems. It is a key element of ensuring business continuity in case of any failure.

The main purpose of Disaster Recovery Center services is to quickly restore your critical systems and applications in the event of an unplanned outage or permanent data loss.

Disaster Recovery services

We use leading data protection technologies to customize Disaster Recovery solutions according to your needs and requirements.


Dedicated servers (leased from MAIN or colocation of your own machines), located in MAIN Data Center, acting as a backup environment. Connected to your primary on-premises environment or your company's Data Center.


A backup private cloud environment that takes the role of the main site in the event of a primary site failure. We use VMware's leading virtualization and replication solutions and high-speed connections to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

Backup as a Service

Dedicated space in MAIN Data Center for backups of any data you decide to protect - physical and virtual machines, applications, etc. If you lose access to your data, you can retrieve the backups you uploaded earlier.

What does the service include?

We provide full support for each of the Disaster Recovery solutions.

  • Analysis of your current IT environment
  • Consultations and assistance in choosing a solution
  • Support in developing a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Implementation and maintenance of a Disaster Recovery service
  • Testing under controlled conditions
  • Business assistance – dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager
  • Technical support provided by a team of IT specialists

Przykład wdrożenia DRC

“We want to provide our customers with the highest quality of service, therefore we choose the best solutions available for our infrastructure.

Among such solutions is the automated replication of our environment to the Disaster Recovery Center, which was proposed and implemented by our trusted partner – MAIN.

We have achieved a high level of business continuity and data security, while minimizing costs.”

Maciej Witkowski
CEO, Turbine Analytics

  • Business continuity thanks to implementation of Disaster Recovery Center in a separate DC
  • Security and connectivity between the centers ensured by private, encrypted connection
  • Increased resilience against failures thanks to leading VMware replication software

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Any questions?

Any questions?

Any questions?

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Benefits of Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery provides high availability and resilience against single points of failure. We guarantee that if your primary environment fails, your systems will be restored as quickly as possible.

Protection against data loss

Today, business relies on IT systems and cyber attacks have become the norm. Disaster Recovery is an additional "insurance policy" for your data, with contractually defined SLA, RPO and RTO parameters.

Experienced team

We have been providing Disaster Recovery services since the beginning of MAIN. Our team of IT specialists has gained considerable experience during the implementation of numerous projects for multiple industries, including the financial sector. We provide 24/7/365 support.

Our own Data Centers

We have our own resources and certified Data Centers, therefore we have full control over the server and network infrastructure located there. Our centers are fully redundant (infrastructure, communication, personnel).

Disaster Recovery Center

Our Disaster Recovery Center services are based on two geographically separated, state-of-the-art MAIN Data Centers in Warsaw.

Both localizations are fully redundant, with connection between them via two independent routes. We also have our own DWDM devices ensuring encryption of transmitted data.

Are you considering Disaster Recovery?

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Michał Kaczorowski

Michał Kaczorowski
Solution Architect