Fast Kubernetes development on Ampere® Altra® ARM-based processors

MAIN has launched infrastructure based on HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 servers equipped with Ampere® Altra® processors, using ARM technology.

Among the solutions that use ARM technology at MAIN is Timoni – a Kubernetes-based IDP platform that automates CI/CD processes and enables self-service for development teams.

Timoni streamlines application delivery, eliminates human error and allows developers to better utilize their potential.

We created this platform to make life easier for DevOps and SysOps specialists, significantly speeding up application development - and thus product release.

Patryk Stachula CPO, Timoni

Timoni runs on a variety of CPU technologies, making it suitable for hybrid infrastructures, consisting not only of different types of environments and clouds (public, private and on-premise), but also diverse processor architectures (x86 and ARM).

Projects implemented with Timoni are characterized by high ROI thanks to, among other things:

  • Infrastructure cost reductions of up to 70%,
  • Savings of up to tens of percent on DevOps uptime,
  • Significant acceleration of deployment.

The combination of Timoni's modern deployment formula with Ampere’s's high-performance ARM-based architecture allows for more efficient software development in Cloud Native environments.

Maciej Sobino System Engineer, MAIN

Ampere® Altra® processors were developed with the Cloud Native approach in mind. They were built from the ground up to offer maximum performance and efficiency for cloud-specific workloads. The processors natively support AI inference solutions – including through support of the TensorFlow, PyTorch and ONNX frameworks as well as the FP16 format.

Want to test containerization with Timoni and ARM-based technology from Ampere? As part of a free Proof of Concept, we will set up an environment so that you can experience the advantages of this platform.

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Key advantages of Ampere’s ARM-based infrastructure

  • High performance and energy efficiency,
  • Up to 128 cores in 1 processor,
  • ESG (environmental, social responsibility, corporate governance) compliance,
  • Built with the cloud in mind,
  • Optimized for AI inference.

Infrastruktura oparta na Ampere® Altra®

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